Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Self Expression

I've been intending to make a new blog but mostly just caught up in the exciting world of the AAAC forum.

This here is my own little creation. My story telling place. I love to be heard, to express myself. Blogging is valuable because it allows me to say exactly what I think I want to say. Even if it's only for me. But sending my words out to the internet, the public eye is a sweet challenge too. It's such a freeing feeling to choose to say exactly what I want to say to people I don't know; so they can read me, respond to me, judge me. So I can see how this works. How do my words affect others? Do I make a difference to anyone? Is it good? Is it hurtful? I want to know.

I do it mostly because it's valuable for me. The process of expressing instead of holding/withholding is very expansive, like breaking bonds and restrictions on my breathing and on my awareness. If you want to read more of my stories you can find them at http://jmomma.wordpress.com/